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Aliceville Lake - 9/17/2018 2:54:59 PM



Anglers continue to target deeper banks in backwater areas with woody and grassy cover. The middle to lower lake backwaters like Camp Pratt and Big Coalfire are popular areas. Most anglers are choosing fairly weed less lures like frogs, rats, and buzzbaits to throw around the cover. If overcast or rainy conditions are present, look for that bite to extend toward the midday hours. During the day, move a little deeper and swap to a slower presentation like a Texas-rig or a jig. Don’t overlook the mouths of smaller creeks like James and Kincaid. The closer we get into fall, the shad will start moving toward the creeks.




Crappie anglers are targeting a lot of the same water that bass anglers are targeting. Deeper banks with both woody and grassy cover are holding fish. Both jigs and minnows should get you some bites.




The catfish anglers are targeting the navigation channel and also around the mouths of the creeks and old river runs. Cut/whole shad, kool-aid flavored chicken, and liver should all get some bites, but one may out produce the others any given day. Some anglers are using a tight lining technique with their rod-n-reel combos, while others are opting for jugs and trotlines.


Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Fisheries Biologists use various sampling methods to assess the fish populations in the State’s waters.   Sampling results for selected water bodies are summarized in Reel Facts Sheets.


Fishing Regulations

Crappie (combined black and white)

Lengths to Release:
Crappie: 9 inches and under
Paddlefish:  All lengths

Creel Limit (per person, per day):
Crappie: 30
Paddlefish:  0

Paddlefish harvest and possession is prohibited in the Tenn-Tom Waterway, Tombigbee River and it's tributaries.

Statewide creel limits apply to all other fish species.



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