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Mississippi State Fishing Lakes

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MDWFP operates 18 prime fishing lakes throughout the state which offer outstanding fishing on 4,030 acres of picturesque waters.

Sport fishing licenses and permits are required to fish these lakes. The exception is the first Saturday and Sunday of National Fishing Week In June when fishing is free, however; no sport fishing license or lake permit is required on this weekend.

Only rod and reel or pole fishing is allowed on State Fishing Lakes and State Park Lakes except that carp, gar, buffalo, and bowfin may be taken by use of bow and arrow at night only after purchasing a valid permit for fishing and/or boating. No other gear is allowed at these lakes.

Fishing is not allowed from courtesy piers adjacent to boat ramps. Night fishing is allowed at all State Fishing Lakes from the bank or boats which are in compliance with state and coast guard regulations with the exception of Lake Bill Waller.

State Lake Regulations
State Lake Permit Fees
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