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Turcotte Shooting Range

Shooting Range Rules & Regulations

Fine tune your shooting skills.  Whether you want to get more proficient with your bow, sight in a new rifle, practice shooting your pistol, or hone your bird shooting skills, our Turcotte Range is the place to go.  We have a pistol range, a 300-yard rifle range, 2 archery ranges, 2 skeet ranges, a 5-stand range, and a sporting clay course.



This week the Turcotte Shooting Facility is proud to be hosting the Mississippi Iron Man Sporting Clay Tournament.  The Sporting Clay Range and the 5-Stand Range will be closed to all shooters on Thursday, May 26th, and the Sporting Clay Range, 5-Stand Range, and Skeet Ranges will be closed to everyone but Ironman Shooters on Friday, May 27th, and Saturday, May 28th.   Ironman Shooters may shoot from 9:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., on either Friday or Saturday. 

We're doing things a little differently, in that all other ranges will be open on Thursday and Friday (May 26, 27)  In other words, the Pistol, Rifle, and Archery Ranges will be open and operating during our normal hours, on these 2 days.  The entire Turcotte Shooting Facility will be CLOSED for the tournament on Saturday, May 28th.  Normal hours will resume on Sunday, May 29th. 



Handgun classes, including the Enhanced Carry Permit Class, are now being offered at Turcotte on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month!  What follows is our March through August Class Schedule for Turcotte, then a listing of the type of classes that we are offering.  If you need more information, or wish to sign up for one of our classes, please come by our office, or email us at stevem@mdwfp.state.ms.us.  Please do not delay, as classes are rapidly filling!



March 2nd:  Basic Handgun 100 Class (Cost:  $17.66)  Class is filled.

March 16th:   Enhanced Carry Permit Class (Cost:  $107.00)  Class is filled.

March 30th:  Enhanced Carry Permit Class (Cost $107.00)  Class is filled.

April 6th:  Basic Handgun 100 Class (Cost:  $17.66)  Class is filled.

April 20th:  Basic Handgun 200 Class (Cost:  $17.66)  Class is filled.

April 27th:  Basic Handgun 100 Class  (Cost:  $17.66) Class is filled.

May 4th:  Basic Handgun 100 Class (Cost:  $17.66)  Class is filled.

May 18th:  Enhanced Carry Permit Class (Cost:  $107.00)  Class is filled.

May 25th:  Basic Handgun 200 Class (Cost:  $17.66)  Class if filled.

June 1:  Basic Handgun 100 Class (Cost:  $17.66)  Class is filled.

June 15:  Enhanced Carry Permit Class (Cost:  $107.00)  Class is filled.

June 22nd:  Enhanced Carry Permit Class (Cost:  $107.00)  Class is filled.

June 29th:  Basic Handgun 100 Class (Cost:  $17.66)  Class is filled.

July 6th:  Basic Handgun 100 Class (Cost:  $17.66) Class is filled.

July 20th:  Enhanced Carry Permit Class (Cost:  $107.00)

July 27th:  Basic Handgun 200 Class (Cost:  $17.66)

August 3rd: Basic Handgun 100 Class (Cost:  $17.66) Class is filled.

August 17:  Basic Handgun 200 Class (Cost:  $17.66)

August 31:  Basic Handgun 100 Class (Cost:  $17.66) Class is filled.

September 6:  Enhanced Carry Permit Class (Cost:  $107.00)

September 21:  Basic Handgun 100 Class (Cost:  $17.66)


Classes are held at the Hunter Education Building.  Please click on the following class listings for information on the classes and for what you are required to bring to your respective class.





Entrance Fees/Annual Range Permits/Methods of Payment

As of 7-1-13, WMA Permits are no longer required to shoot at our Turcotte Range Facility.  Instead, an entrance fee/permit system has been instituted.  Shooters may pay by one of two methods:  either (a) pay $5.50 per hour, or (b) purchase an Annual Range Permit (prices listed below). 

We now accept payment with either a credit or a debit card, cash or a personal check!  
More information on the fees charged at MDWFP public shooting facilities can be found at LE - 6.1; Range Fees

  • Annual Resident Range Permit - $42.29 
  • Annual Senior Range Permit - $22.29 
  • Annual Non-Resident Range Permit - $84.29

 Range Status

If severe weather is in the area, the Turcotte Shooting Range will close. For more information please call (601) 859-5164 on days that we are open.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Please check back periodically for status updates.

Little Turcotte Available when the range is open
Pistol Range Available when the range is open
Rifle Range Available when the range is open
3D Archery Available when the range is open
Sporting Clay

Available when the range is open

5 Stand Available when the range is open
Skeet Range Available when the range is open


Location / Contact Info
Turcotte Education & Shooting Facility
506 Highway 43 South
Canton, MS 39046 --- Google Directions
(601) 859-5164
Range-Master - Jad Touchton jadt@mdwfp.state.ms.us

Range Hours

Summer Hours Begin March 1st
Thursday & Friday: Noon - 6:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Winter Hours Begin November 1st
Thursday & Friday: Noon - 5:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday: 1:00pm - 5:00pm


Ranges Available

The rifle range currently has fourteen shooting positions on seven tables available.  We have movable target stands and shooters are able to engage targets out to 300 yards. 

Handgun:  Our handgun range has 12 shooter positions and firing lines at 3, 7, 15, 25, 50, and 60 yards.  Only one firing line can be active at any time. 

Sporting Clay:
Our sporting clay range stretches a length of 1.3 miles through the woods.  It is a newly constructed range with challenging shots throughout a woodland course.  We use an electronic clay counting system that allows a single shooter to use the course when the time delay option is selected.  There are twelve (12) shooting stations on the course.  One complete round of sporting clays is 50 shots.  We charge $.25 per clay; thus, if you throw only 50 clays/round, that round will cost you a total of $12.50.  We have golf carts available for rent at $5.00 per day. 

Turcotte has two (2) Olympic style skeet ranges on the premises for shooters to hone their shooting abilities throughout the year.

5 Stand:
We offer a "Kamikaze Dove Field" simulating actual hunting conditions to ready you for hunting season or just to test your skills.

Turcotte offers a 3D archery range utilizing both known and unknown distance shots in a safe environment.  

Other Range Information:
We offer targets for sale for both rifle and pistol ranges.

Neither tape nor staplers are provided, so make sure that you bring some means of affixing your target to our target stands on the rifle and pistol ranges!

Range Requirements:

  • WMA Permits are no longer required to shoot at our Turcotte Range Facility. Instead, an entrance fee/permit system has been instituted.  Shooters may pay by one of two methods: either (a) pay $5.50 per hour, or (b) purchase an Annual Range Permit.  Prices for the Annual Range Permits are:
    Annual Resident Range Permit - $42.29 
    Annual Senior Range Permit - $22.29
    Annual Non-Resident Range Permit - $84.29
  • All shooters must check in-and-out with our Range Office.
  • All shooters must complete the Range Rules and Regulations documentation.  In our new system, you only have to enter the required information and acknowledge that you've read and understand the rules, once.  You will no longer be required to do this on an annual basis.  
  • All shooters and accompanying personnel (even though they're not shooting) must sign in and sign out on the "Turcotte Range Sign In/out Sheet," located on a clipboard in the Range Office, each time they visit the range facility.
  • Hearing and eye protection required at all times!!
  • All firearms must be handled in a safe manner while on the range.
  • When moving on and off the range facility, each firearm must be unloaded, cased, or holstered.  No one can touch a firearm unless they are on the forward edge of the active firing line! 
  • Shooters are responsible for taking down and disposing of their paper targets before departing the range.


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