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Mississippi Lifetime License Information


Resident lifetime license applicants must prove that they have been domiciled in the State of Mississippi for a minimum of eighteen (18) months immediately prior to issuance of such licenses.

Lifetime License Price Process Fee
Lifetime Sportsman's License - Age 13 and Over $1000.00 $0
Lifetime Sportsman's License - Birth thru Age 12 $500.00 $0
Non-Resident Mississippi Native Lifetime $1500.00 $0

Invest in Mississippi's Wildlife

A Mississippi Lifetime License is a good investment. Hunters and fishermen can get a solid return of value and convenience, while helping guarantee generations of hunting and fishing opportunities.

A Lifetime License will save you money through the years and you will avoid having to pay for future license increases. You'll never have to remember to renew or buy your annual license, so the Lifetime License will also save you time and trouble.

All Lifetime License fees are put into the Wildlife Endowment Fund. The interest generated by that fund will be used to help pay for wildlife management and enforcement programs, research projects, and educational activities. Your investment today will give you a direct return in Mississippi wildlife, a bonus your children and grandchildren can also enjoy.

The perfect gift for a sportsman of any age, Lifetime Licenses may be charged to your VISA or MASTERCARD.

Lifetime License

Lifetime License are available in Three Types. Each type of Lifetime License allows you to hunt and/or fish during a legal season and to take any game or fish, except waterfowl, without the purchase of additional license or permits unless required by law. Lifetime License holders must still purchase state and federal waterfowl stamps to hunt waterfowl. Also, an additional permit is required for the use of a crossbow if the applicant qualifies for such use.

The Lifetime License allows fishermen to take fish, crabs, oysters, shrimp, and any other saltwater fish authorized to be taken under recreational permit. Sportsmen must carry a second form of identification, either a driver's license or some other form of photo I.D., when hunting or fishing with a Lifetime License.

If you buy a Lifetime License and later move from the state, your license would still be valid if you ever return to Mississippi to hunt or fish. Resident Lifetime License applicants must prove they have been domiciled in the state of Mississippi for a minimum of eighteen (18) consecutive months prior to making application for any Lifetime License. The burden of proving domicile will be on the licensee. In the case of minors, domicile of the parents shall be used as evidence of the child's domicile. Completed applications must be postmarked prior to birth date, where relevant, to qualify for that particular license. For the purpose of proving domicile, minors are defined as those applicants under 18 years of age. Any materially false statement contained in an application for a Lifetime License renders void the license issued and subjects the applicant to criminal prosecution.

Hunter Education Requirements

Anyone born on or after January 1, 1972, is required to successfully complete a hunter education course before obtaining a hunting license of any kind in Mississippi. Licenses can be issued to any child under 12 years of age, whether or not that child has been certified in hunter education. However, before the child turns 12 he must take the hunter education course and report his hunter education certification number to the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks. A new valid Lifetime License showing the certification number will be issued to him at that time, free of charge.

Adults will notice that the application for a Lifetime License calls for a hunter certification number. If you have completed a hunter education class, please provide your certification number and we will include it on your Lifetime License.

Duplicate Lifetime License

If you lose your Lifetime License, the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks will replace it for a fee of $7.29.


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