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Alligators may be found all across Mississippi.  They are most prevalent in the southern two-thirds of the state (south of Hw 82).  While alligators typically avoid humans and human activity, occassionally they do cause conflicts with humans.  Juvenile alligators often disperse into new territiories in the late spring and early summer months.  During this dispersal they occassionally find themselves in unusual locations near human development, such as; farm ponds, road ditches, highways, parking lots, yards, swimming pools, neighborhood water landscape pools, and even buildings.  It is illegal and very dangerous for the public to capture and remove or kill an alligator without special permit from the MDWFP.    As human developments (residential and commercial) continue to encroach into more rural areas of the state, increased interaction and conflicts with wildlife are subject to occur.  To report a nuisance alligator please see Nuisance Alligator Information below.

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Public Waters Permits go on sale July 19th, 2016 @ 9:00 a.m.


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Public Waters Season: 12:00 noon August 26 - 12:00 noon September 5, 2016

Private Lands Season: 12:00 noon August 26 - 6:00 am September 19, 2016

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Friday, August 28:

Two NEW Records were certified today in both Longest Male and Heaviest Male Hunter Harvested Alligator.


Taken by the hunting party of Clayton Gibson of Natchez, MS in the Southwest Zone with rod/reel/snatch hook equipment.

WEIGHT - 822 Lbs.

LENGTH - 13 feet 1/2 inch

Belly Girth -65 inches

Tail Girth - 48 inches

 Gibson RECORD

Photo (L-R) Clayton Gibson, Parker Gibson, Reeve Gibson, & Aidan Gibson all of Natchex, MS



Taken by the hunting party of Angelia Rivers, MS of Ellisville in the West Central Zone with rod/reel/snatch hook equipment.

WEIGHT - 694.5 Lbs.

LENGTH - 13 feet   7 3/4 inches

Belly Girth -60 inches

Tail Girth - 44 inches

Rivers RECORD 2

 Photo (L-R) Destin Rivers, Landri Rivers, Jacob Lee, Kennedy Rivers, Ken Rivers, and Angelia Rivers all of Ellisville, MS.



Saturday, August 29, 2015


Late in the evening of August 29, 2015, MDWFP Alligator Program Coordinator, Ricky Flynt, certified the first officially recorded 14 foot alligator in Mississippi.  Though, several 14 foot alligators have been claimed by MDWFP personnel in the past, none of the alligators were ever officially measured. This alligator was taken on a Private Lands Permit, which allows permitted hunters different opportunities than those offered on public waterways.  Private Land permit holders are allowed to take alligators with a high powered rifle, but only during daylight hours.


On Saturday August 29, at about 11:30 a.m., private land permit holder Kennie Crechale of Morton, MS, harvested a new weight and length alligator using a rifle on Rosedale Hunting Club on Davis Island which is located on the Mississippi River.


Taken by the hunting party of Kennie Crechale of Morton and Ronnie Clifton of Petal, MS.

WEIGHT - 826 Lbs.

LENGTH - 14 feet   1/4 inches

Belly Girth -68 inches

Tail Girth - 48 inches

Crechale RECORD

 Photo (L-R) Ronnie Clifton of Petal and Kennie Crechale of Morton.


Crechale RECORD 2


Crechale RECORD 3


Sunday, August 30, 2015


MDWFP Alligator Program Coordinator, Ricky Flynt, certified the forth record in 2 days today after meeting with the hunting party of Craig Jones of Mendenhall, MS.  The Jones alligator surpassed the previous weight record for a female alligator by nearly 24 pounds, with a new record weight of 319 pounds. The Jones gator was only one inch shy of the current length record for a female alligator and measured 9 feet 11 inches long.

Ricky Flynt, MDWFP Alligator Program Coordinator explains, "Though it is not as massive and impressive as the large male gators, this is a very significant specimen.  The largest female alligators ever officially recorded are 10 feet 2 inches long, one measured in Florida in 1984 and one in Mississippi in 2009. Both alligators were recorded by the respective state's wildlife agencies during research activities."  Flynt further explains, "Female alligator growth rates are drastically reduced after reaching 6-7 feet long. There are records of known age female alligators in captivity over 35 years of age that are only 8 feet 6 inches long."

Craig Jones and his hunting party captured the alligator at Eagle Lake in the West Central Public Waters Alligator Hunting Zone in the early morning hours of August 30.  It was captured initially using a rod and reel with a snatch hook.

The public waters alligator season continues until 12:00 noon September 7, 2015.

Below are the stats for the record female alligator:

WEIGHT - 319 lbs.

LENGTH - 9 feet   11 inches

Belly Girth -47 inches

Tail Girth - 37 inches

Jones female RECORD 1

Photo above of the Craig Jones hunting party (L-R) Megan Eaves, Craig Jone, Ramsey Jones, C.J. Jones, Denton Anderson, Brandon Anderson, Wesley Pevey, Brad McGuire, and Chris Jones all of Mendenhall, MS. 


Saturday, September 19, 2015


MDWFP Alligator Program Coordinator, Ricky Flynt, certified the fifth record of the 2015 season today after meeting with the hunting party of Jonathon Kent of Greenwood, MS. Kent's alligator surpassed the previous length record for a female alligator by 1/2 inch. Setting the new length record for a female alligator at 10 feet 1/2 inch, However, at 283 pounds, it did not exceed the current weight record female.  The alligator was taken with the rod/reeel snatch hook method with a private lands permit from a property in Issaquena County.  This same property previously recorded a weight record male alligator in 2012 of 697.5 pounds. 

Ricky Flynt, MDWFP Alligator Program Coordinator explains, "It is not surprising to record these tremendous specimens each year and even multiple times during the season in the vicinity of the Mississippi River.  The Mississippi Alluvial Valley is regarded as one of the most fertile regions of the world.  The rich nutrients in the region allow wildlife and plants in the region to reach unusual sizes compared to the same wildlife and plants in other soil regions.  Alligators, being an apex predator, uniquely express the fertility of the region from the top of the food chain."

The private lands alligator season closed at 6 a.m. September 21, 2015.

Below are the stats for the record female alligator:

LENGTH - 10 feet   1/2 inch

WEIGHT - 283 lbs.

Belly Girth -46 inches

Tail Girth - 32 inches

Kent Record Female 2015 

Photo above of the Jonathon Kent hunting party (L-R) Nick Stuart of Fitler, Megan Annison of Brandon, Anna Kathryn Oaks-Kent, and Jonathon Kent both of Greenwood, MS.  






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