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Lt. Trent Myers
(601) 562-0083

Enclosure Management Assistance Program (EMAP)

As required by Public Notice W1-3780, all permitted high-fenced enclosures containing white-tailed deer must be enrolled in the Enclosure Management Assistance Program (EMAP). The owner of a permitted high-fenced enclosure must work with an MDWFP approved wildlife biologist to manage the white-tailed deer herd within the enclosure.  The wildlife biologist must submit an annual management plan for the permitted high-fenced enclosure which is incorporated into the Annual Facility Permit Application.

EMAP is very similar to DMAP (Deer Management Assistance Program).  The starting point of EMAP is goal/objective setting by the enclosure owner to manage the white-tailed deer herd within their enclosure.  Once goals and objectives are set, biological data are collected from harvested white-tailed deer, (i.e. weights, antler measurements, lactation data on does, and a jaw-bone pulled to determine the age of each deer harvested).  The enclosure owner is responsible for the collection of biological data.  The wildlife biologist is responsible for supplying the enclosure owner with harvest data sheets and jawbone tags.

After analyzing the harvest data and evaluating the habitat, the biologist will meet with the enclosure owner to discuss harvest strategies that are designed to meet specific goals within the limitations of maintaining a healthy habitat.  The wildlife biologist must submit EMAP deer harvest data to the MDWFP annually in the same manner as DMAP data are submitted.  However, EMAP and DMAP deer harvest data will be maintained separately by the MDWFP. 

EMAP cooperators will receive a harvest summary report after each hunting season.  This report contains a detailed analysis of current and historical harvest as well as graphs and charts that show trend directions while facilitating data interpretation.  Progress towards the goals and objectives stated in the annual management plan will be continuously evaluated using this report.

A list of MDWFP approved wildlife biologists for enclosures can be obtained by emailing Lt. Trent Myers, MDWFP Enclosure Program Contact, at 

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