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Squirrel Program

There are two game species of squirrels found in Mississippi, the eastern gray squirrel and the eastern fox squirrel. Both species are found throughout the state, but gray squirrels are the most widely distributed and most numerous. There are two subspecies of fox squirrels that occur in Mississippi. The Bachman, or "Hill Country," fox squirrel is the subspecies that occurs in more open upland areas throughout the state. The Delta fox squirrel is primarily limited to the Delta region, and is mostly abundant in mature forests. Hill Country fox squirrel populations have declined substantially in many areas because of changes in land use and management. Gray squirrels are perhaps the most abundant resident small game species, and generally offer plenty of hunting opportunities in most areas of the state. However, squirrel populations will often fluctuate from one year to the next in response to the abundance of the previous year's autumn mast crops (acorns, nuts, pine seeds, berries, and fruits).

The squirrel program does not stock squirrels. Information on managing habitat for squirrels can be found under the Habitat and Population Management section below. Technical assistance is also available for managing land for squirrel habitat.


Click on link below for information on youth squirrel hunts:

2015 Youth Participation Initiative Squirrel Hunt


Small Game Program Leader
Rick Hamrick

(662) 617-1445

Wild Turkey/Small Game Program Coordinator
Dave Godwin

(662) 325-5119


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Squirrel Hunting

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