Page 26 - MDWFP CWD Response Plan
P. 26

o  Antlers attached to a cleaned skull plate or cleaned skull where no tissue is
                                 attached to the skull
                               o  Cleaned teeth
                               o  Hides and tanned products
                               o  Finished taxidermy and antler products
                               o  All meat processors will need to be permitted in order to insure compliance.
                            Establish permit system for meat processors.
                              o  No processor may accept and process bone-in meat from both within and
                                 outside the HRZ.
                            Issue management tags to cooperating landowners to harvest white-tailed deer
                             outside of the normal season structure within the HRZ.
                            Finalize carcass disposal regulations.

                   Buffer Zone (BZ) – 25 mile radius from a confirmed CWD positive cervid
                            Schedule routine highway surveillance, during which roadkill cervids are sampled.
                               o  Solicit assistance from Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT),
                                 Department of Public Safety (DPS), and/or county highway department and
                                 sheriff’s office.
                            Create and utilize voluntary check stations to sample hunter‐harvested deer.
                               o  Recruit assistance from veterinarians, taxidermists, universities, etc.
                            Practices that cause unnatural concentration of animals may be prohibited.
                               o  Examples: mineral blocks or licks, mineral troughs, etc.

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