Page 32 - MDWFP CWD Response Plan
P. 32

Appendix J-------CWD-Administrative Team Responsibilities

                         CWD-AT leader will accept CWD positive location from CWD-RT leader for map
                          development. The maps will include roads, waterways, and/or other land features to
                          best delineate an approximate 5-mile radius circle around the index location. Maps
                          will also include captive cervid locations and previous CWD sample locations within
                          the CWD CZ and the CWD HRZ.
                         Establish a list of appropriate media contacts, complete draft news release, identify
                          landowners within CWD CZ, and begin preparations for a public information
                         Disseminate all pertinent information relating to CWD activities.
                         Prepare a contact list with names and addresses of captive cervid facilities and cervid
                          rehabilitators within the CWD CZ and CWD HRZ.
                         Maintain updates on the MDWFP website.
                         Coordinate with MDEQ to secure carcass disposal location within or close to CWD
                          CZ for carcasses, tissues, and other contaminated materials.
                         Inform MDWFP resource agency partners (United States Forest Service, Corp. of
                          Engineers, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, State
                          Parks, Mississippi Forestry Commission, USDA Natural Resource Conservation
                          Service, timber companies, etc.)
                         Coordinate with appropriate USDA representatives and keep them apprised of all
                          actions taken.
                         Secure additional needed equipment and supplies identified by the CWD-RT.
                         Conduct periodic public information meetings within or near the CWD CZ.
                         Send notification via mail to all captive facility operators and wildlife rehabilitators
                          alerting them to the change is Mississippi’s CWD status and the disease management
                          actions that the MDWFP will be implementing.
                         Complete the draft regulation list found in Appendix B and seek MDWFP approval.

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