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Welcome to our Media/News Room, where you will find the most current information on exhibits, news, and events taking place at MDWFP's Museum of Natural Science. As time and space permit, we archive such materials for your convenience (see bottom of page). For press information on our parent agency, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, click on MDWFP

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If you are a member of the media, you've come to the right place. Here you will find general information and downloadable images from the Museum, plus news releases and other detailed information on our Special Exhibits and Special Events.

We announce Museum news, awards and special programs here.

Museum Expands Research Facility
Matt_microscope_adj_smThe Museum recently opened an expansion of its existing collections and laboratory space which houses more than one million scientific specimens. Before the construction of this 19,000 square foot addition, many of our collections were at or near storage capacity.

Why are these one million specimens important and what does the Museum staff do with them?  Much of what we understand about our world, we owe to the collection, preservation, and study of natural specimens. Properly preserved collections of plants, animals, and fossils are libraries of Earth's history, and are vital to our ability to learn about the past and future.

This knowledge helps guide decision making that leads to healthy ecosystems which benefit our citizens now and into the future. The work undertaken as far back as the 1930's by the Museum's first director, Miss Fannye Cooke, still impacts us today. And the work that this Center engages in now will impact the lives of our children and their grandchildren.

Click here for "Natural Science Collections: America's Great Scientific Resource".

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See a list of museum awards here.


Creature Comforts Thursdays on MPB
Creature-Comforts-webCheck out Creature Comforts on MPB Think Radio! Each week, Libby Hartfield, former Director of MDWFP's Museum of Natural Science, brings a specialist into the studio to answer your questions about various animals we see in Mississippi. And of course, Dr. Troy Majure, a veterinarian at the Animal Medical Center of Jackson answers your pet questions. Each week, you'll learn more about the animals that live in our homes and the animals who live in the world around us. You'll also find out more about family-friendly exhibits and events at the museum. Email your pet and animal questions to and listen to Creature Comforts Thursday mornings at 9 on MPB Think Radio. Visit for more information. 

Endowment Fund
fundingThe Mississippi Museum Museum of Natural Science Foundation has joined forces with the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson to establish an endowment fund account designated for the Museum. The goal of the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson is to create plans that honor the wishes of its donors. A CFGJ endowment fund directs your gift to a designated charity or purpose. You identify the Museum as the recipient to benefit through your gift and CFGJ makes the annual distribution. This agreement will augment future donations through investments, collectively managed to yield annual earnings for the Museum and to go back into the principle to help it grow even more.  


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