Prepare for your outdoor adventures with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks. Access general and comprehensive rules and regulations for hunting, fishing, boating, and more to ensure compliance and safety.

Hunting Rules

Gear up for the hunt with our general rules and regulations—your quick guide to a safe and successful outdoor experience.

Fishing Rules 2024

Cast off with confidence with our general fishing rules and regulations—your key to a smooth and enjoyable angling adventure.

Mississippi State Parks
Get in the know and get the information you need about State Park rules and regulations before you get outdoors.
Boating Rules 2024

Set sail safely with our general boating rules and regulations—your guide to smooth waters and outdoor adventures.

Law Enforcement Boat

Learn more about Mississippi's Reciprocal Agreements with Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee, which govern fishing and hunting along state lines. 

Commercial Fishing

The use of certain fishing gear and/or the selling of non-game gross fish are activities regulated under the authority of commercial fishing regulations.

Trapping Nix

Find information about furbearer and trapping season, licenses, rules and regulations for trapping, and more.

McHenry Shooting Range

Stay safe and sharp - view essential rules and regulations of our shooting ranges.

MDWFP Headquarters

Stay informed with proposed rules and regulations—previewing potential changes and official updates shaping Mississippi's outdoor adventures.

MDWFP Headquarters

This is a comprehensive list of rules and regulations on record associated with MDWFP.

MS Code
The Mississippi Secretary of State's Office is the official registrar for the rules of all state agencies and the publisher of the Mississippi Administrative Code.
MS Code
The Mississippi Code of 1972 is the official set of laws governing the state of Mississippi, containing all the general statutes passed by the legislature. It serves as the authoritative source for up-to-date legal references in the state.