Although it may be difficult, the best action to take is to leave wildlife alone. Often, young animals that might appear to be orphaned may be picked up by an attending adult if they are simply left alone. The MDWFP does not have the capacity to conduct general wildlife rehabilitation and cannot pick up injured wildlife (except in the case of some threatened/endangered species). Private entities or individuals must apply for and be permitted to perform wildlife rehabilitation work.

Find a Rehab Facility

If you must get an injured animal to a wildlife rehabilitator, contact our Jackson Office at (601) 432-2199 during business hours for wildlife rehabilitation contacts or visit Wildlife Rehabilitation.

Become a Permitted Rehabilitator

To apply for a permit, visit Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit for more information.

Peak Fawning Dates in Mississippi

Peak fawning for most of Mississippi is in July, but for other parts of the state it starts in mid-June. Checkout the map to see when most fawns are born in your area of MS. 
Even though fawns can run around as soon as they are born, they will not start following their mother until they are 3 weeks old, and won't follow her everywhere until 8 weeks old. Until then the doe will visit the fawn(s) every 4-6 hours to nurse, and then typically move them to a new spot.
So if you find a fawn, leave it alone. It's likely not abandoned. If taken from it's mother, it's chances of survival drastically decreases, since they need key antibodies from their mother's milk.