Special License Applications

Disable Exempt License Application
Residents who are blind, paraplegic, a multiple-amputee, adjudged 100% disabled by the Social Security Administration, or 100% service-connected disabled by the Veterans Administration or Railroad Retirement Board are NOT required to purchase a hunting or fishing license [MS. Code 49-7-5 and 49-7-9]. Residents exempt based on these criteria are required to have proof of residency, disability status, or other physical impairment in their possession while engaged in hunting and fishing activities unless an exempt license is purchased. The Disabled Exempt license is an annual privilege. 

Lifetime License Application

Non-Resident Armed Forces 14-Day Hunting/Fishing License Application

Senior Exempt License Application
This one time Mississippi resident Exemption Card for Seniors 65+, will help support wildlife Conservation in Mississippi. The Senior Exempt License includes the following privileges: All Game Hunting, Freshwater Fishing, Archery/Primitive Weapon/Crossbow, and WMA User Permit does not include Saltwater Fishing or Waterfowl Stamps. This card is only valid with proof of Mississippi residency.

Mississippi Department of Marine Resources requires Mississippi residents, 65+, to purchase a lifetime recreational Saltwater Fishing License for a one-time fee of $7.29.

Fishing Applications

Commercial Fishing License Application

Freshwater Guide License Application

Wildlife & Hunting Applications