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Lake Claude Bennett - 11/20/2017 11:39:16 AM


Bite continues to be same as the last few weeks.  Look for bass schooling and chasing shad in open water.  Crank baits and spinner baits are popular lures as well as silver flukes.  Some success has been reported using top water baits.  The creel limit on bass has been raised to 30 per person per day.  A lot of 3/4 to 1 lb fish continue to be taken.   Best catches are reported in early morning along the N. E. corner of the  levee or out from the earth piers on W. side of the campground. 



Bream bite rated as fair over the past week, with some nice bluegill still being caught off the main fishing pier near the new gravel beds, as well as the earth piers by the campground. There are 3 earth piers close together on W. side of the campground, look for a small limb barely sticking out of the water about 20 yards out and left of the middle pier.  Bream should be targeted at depths of 3 - 6 ft. using crickets or red worms.



Crappie fishing has picked up and fish can be targeted around creek ledges and deep structure.  Minnows or jigs fished vertically or trolled in these areas may produce some luck.  Live minnows continue to be the bait for best results.  Below are some recently caught fish.



Catfish should be targeted at depths of 8 - 10 ft along creek ledges and deep structure.  Chicken liver or worms should be good choices for bait.  Seeing some good catches over the last week, with most being taken from the creek channel near the bridge in the upper end of the lake.  There are some nice sized fish out there to be caught.  Most catches are being made at night.

A lake depth map can be accessed at the link below.

Lake Depth Map


Four different groups of artificial structures along with natural habitat were added on 1/24/17. There were 20 artificial grass structures and three 5x5x5 artificial box structures placed at each site. The coordinantes for these are listed below.

Artificial Structures

N 32.10126   W 89.03272

N 32.10471   W 89.03394

N 32.10353   W 89.03681

N 32.10111   W 89.03254

Hardwood Structures

N 32.10117   W 89.03296

N 32.10422   W 89.03283

N 32.10451   W 89.03358

N 92.10343   W 89.03650

 GPS coordinates that were added on 12/17/14 are listed below.

N 32.10377

N 32.10370

N 32.16356

N 32.10347

N 32.10340

N 32.10316

N 32.10341

N 32.10337

N 32.10328

N 32.10318

N 32.10317

N 32.10320

N 32.10295

N 32.10273

N 32.10256

N 32.10246

N 32.10242

N 32.10241

N 32.10236

N 32.10205

W 89.03727

W 89.03736

W 89.03725

W 89.03755

W 89.03781

W 89.03800

W 89.03819

W 89.03838

W 89.03857

W 89.03857

W 89.03841

W 89.03826

W 89.03812

W 89.03779

W 89.03801

W 89.03859

W 89.03844

W 89.03905

W 89.03867

W 89.03836

N 32.10214

N 32.10186

N 32.10147

N 32.10128

N 32.10149

N 32.10098

N 32.10109

N 32.10090

N 32.10067

N 32.10104

N 32.10206

N 32.10162

N 32.10035

N 32.10015

N 32.09993

N 32.09996

N 32.10023

N 32.10011

N 32.10027

N 32.10402

W 89.03806

W 89.03797

W 89.03799

W 89.03804

W 89.03829

W 89.03822

W 89.03844

W 89.03857

W 89.03843

W 89.03777

W 89.03771

W 89.03778

W 89.03802

W 89.03808

W 89.03819

W 89.03804

W 89.03798

W 89.03793

W 89.03783

W 89.03310

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