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Natchez State Park - 12/7/2018 8:35:49 AM

For more information, call the lake office at (601) 442-2658


Weekly fishing reports will return in February. Below are some hints for fishing during the winter and early spring.

Bass - Try Texas or Carolina rigs, drop shot, or shaky head rigged finesse worms in 15 - 20 ft. of water along channel edges with a slow presentation. Also try jigging spoons over creek channels wherever shad schools are staging.  Suspending jerkbaits along deep banks and the dam can also be effective.  The slot limit for largemouth bass is 18" - 22" with a creel limit of 7 bass per angler.  Only one bass over 22" can be harvested.


Crappie - Try trolling the outside edge of timber targeting standing tree tops in 15 - 30 ft of water with minnows or jigs.  Fish attractors located in deeper water should be good during the winter.


Bream - Try tight lining worms along the flat in front of cabins fishing in 8 - 12 ft. of water.


Catfish - Try tight lining with liver on points or treetops in 10 - 15 ft. of water.



Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Fisheries Biologists use various sampling methods to assess the fish populations in the State’s waters.   Sampling results for selected water bodies are summarized in Reel Facts Sheets.



Fish attractors were added in several locations in February 2015.  Be sure your GPS is set to read decimal degrees (shown below) and not degrees-minutes-seconds when attempting to locate the attractors.  Coordinates and a map are shown below:

Natchez fish attractors

 31.595850 N   91.203029 W         31.597647 N   91.203667 W

31.594941 N   91.203450 W          31.592900 N   91.205240 W

31.590913 N   91.204257 W          31.590750 N   91.205380 W

31.589594 N   91.208455 W          31.589594 N   91.208955 W

31.589594 N   91.208455 W          31.589842 N   91.208350 W

31.590028 N   91.208074 W          31.593749 N   91.208157 W

31.594715 N   91.209512 W          31.598284 N   91.211600 W

31.599235 N   91.211145 W          31.598431 N   91.207810 W

31.598215 N   91.206750 W          31.591195 N   91.204700 W

31.591075 N   91.204900 W          31.591390 N   91.204935 W

31.596840 N   91.203330 W

Click here for a lake depth map.


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