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Okatibbee Reservoir - 11/20/2017 11:55:15 AM


Nice catches continue to be reported using small crank baits, as well as jigs. while trolling the creek channels. Most folks are fishing 10 to 14 feet deep.  Catch below was made in a side channel fishing 4 to 8 feet deep.    New structures were added Saturday 2/25/17.  See the new GPS locations below. 



Bass bite reported over the last week was as fair.  Carolina rigs fished slowly can be productive.  Top water frogs fished slow in vegetation should also be productive. Crank baits along the rocks or deep diving off points with should produce a few fish. 



Catfish can be targeted with trot lines and jugs out in open water. Tightlining on the bottom with liver, worms or blood baits can also be very good methods for harvesting catfish this time of year.  Catfish catch over the last week has been rated as very good.


Bream should start moving a little deeper with cooler weather and be in water around brush piles or other types of natural structure. Start at 4 feet and increase depth until you find them using crickets or worms.   The catch was reported as very good in the grass when the water was up, but it slows down when was lowered.  Overall rated as fair.

A lake depth map can be accessed at the link below.

Lake Depth Map

GPS locations of structure that was added Feb. of 2016.

N 32.50402 W 88.79859 N 32.50669 W 88.79920
N 32.50374 W 88.79904 N 32.50731 W 88.79954
N 32.50388 W 88.79893 N 32.50788 W 88.79963
N 32.50162 W 88.79910 N 32.50779 W 88.79923
N 32.50196 W 88.79867 N 32.50769 W 88.79933
N 32.50220 W 88.79879 N 32.49845  W 88.80088
N 32.50301 W 88.79099 N 32.49870 W 88.80081
N 32.50308 W 88.79082 N 32.49809 W 88.80085
N 32.50379 W 88.79163 N 32.49726 W 88.80051
N 32.49809 W 88.80085 N 32.49684 W 88.80071
N 32.49736 W 88.80036 N 32.49703 W 88.80061


GPS Locations of structure that was added Feb 2017

N 32.50385   W 88.79848                     N 32.50542    W 88.79883

N 32.50688   W 88.79911                     N 32.50491    W 88.79847

N 32.50631   W 88.79948                     N 32.50362    W 88.79835

N 32.50583   W 88.79966                     N 32.50378    W 88.79896

N 32.50583   W 88.79906                     N 32.50326    W 88.79865

N 32.50564   W 88.79934                     N 32.50301    W 88.79849

N 32.50534   W 88.79861






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