Fishing & Boating

Arkabutla Lake

Desoto, Tate

Black bass (combined largemouth, spotted and smallmouth bass)
Crappie (combined black and white)

Lengths to Release:
Black bass: no length limit
Crappie: 12 inches and under

Creel Limit: (per person, per day)
Black bass: 10
Crappie: 15

Statewide creel limits apply to all other fish species.

Additional Information:
Anglers may fish with no more than four (4) poles or rods per person with only two (2) hooks or lures per pole.

The aggregate daily boat creel limit for crappie for boats with three (3) or more anglers shall be 40 crappie larger than 12 inches.

All Yo-Yos, and FFFDs (Free Floating Fishing Devices or Jugs; up to 25 per person with 2 single hooks on each) must be legibly marked with either waterproof ink, stamped, or tagged to show the angler’s MDWFP number.  Anglers exempt from buying a license must include their full name and residence address with zip code on the tag. Yo-Yo tags shall be attached above the water line and furnished by the angler.  Yo-Yos and FFFDs must be attended during daylight hours.  Attended means devices must remain in sight of the angler during daylight hours. These devices may be fished at night without attendance.

From Arkabutla spillway to end of the riprap:

  • Anglers can only use one pole or rod per person.
  • Artificial lures with no more than 3 treble hooks no larger than #2 may be used anytime.
  • The use of baited or bare treble hooks is illegal.
  • No other gear can be used in these waters except that dip or landing nets, cast nets, boat mounted scoops, wire baskets, minnow seines, and minnow traps may be used to capture bait. Anglers keeping minnows, shad, nongame gross fish and non-native fish caught with these gear types must immediately place their catch on ice or in a dry container.
  • From Dec 1 until the last day of February - Anglers can only fish with 2 single hooks no larger than #2.  Hooks must be secured at least one inch apart.
  • From March 1 to Nov 30 - Anglers can only fish with 2 single hooks of any size.  Hooks must be secured at least one inch apart.

From Arkabutla spillway to Prichard Road Bridge:

  • 15 crappie per person per day with no length limit.






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