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Mississippi Native: Spiderwort

(Tradescantia virginiana)

Downloadable Brochure: SPIDERWORT


Flowers are small with three petals each and six stamens. Flowers are typically a blue or purple color. Leaves are green and sword-like, turning a deep purple along the edges. More leaves appear on the plant than flowers.


The blooms appear in early summer (June and July). Usually blooming occurs only until mid-morning in full sun.


This perennial plant can reach heights of 2 feet.


This plant is found in various moist areas along banks, in ditches, and in gardens.

Interesting Facts:

This plant’s name comes from its stem secretion. There are several species of spiderwort.

Planting Tips:

This plant grows best in part shade and in moist soils. In full sun, this plant needs plenty of water. Divide clumps in early fall or early spring. The spiderwort also germinates from seeds. This plant spreads quickly. In ideal conditions, plants will multiply and need to be thinned.






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